Welcome to Minding Our Bodies

Minding Our Bodies is a multi-year project (2008-2013) to increase capacity within the community mental health system in Ontario to promote physical activity and healthy eating for people with serious mental illness.

Our provincial mental and physical health promotion program serves as an “incubator” to help mental health service providers in Ontario, together with community partners, develop and deliver evidence-based physical activity and healthy eating programs, improve access to local resources, and promote social inclusion.

Minding Our Bodies is an initiative of the Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario, in partnership with Echo: Improving Women's Health in Ontario, Mood Disorders Association of Ontario, Nutrition Resource Centre, YMCA Ontario, and York University's Faculty of Health with support from the Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion and Sport. Find out more about the project.

How to Get Involved

Here are a few ways for you to get involved in the Minding Our Bodies project:

  • Spread the word about Minding Our Bodies. Encourage your colleagues to visit the website and subscribe to the e-bulletin. (See Share with Friends in the sidebar.)
  • If your organization has a physical activity or healthy eating program, create a profile in our Program Directory that describes the good work you're doing.
  • Visit our Community Forum and share your own success story about being physically active and eating well.
  • Let us know if you are interested in contributing resources or ideas to the Minding Our Bodies project.
  • If you know of an organization who would be interested in sponsoring the MOB project, please refer them to our project manager.

We welcome your questions, comments and ideas. Contact us.