Run Group Therapy Working for Teens at Credit Valley Hospital

A fantastic run group therapy is doing wonders for teens who are patients at Mississauga's Credit Valley Hospital. The program, started by Dan McGann, puts teens through a 12-week session of running at least twice per week, ending in a run of 5kms. Dan has spoken to our charity organization, CameronHelps ( and we are supporting Dan's program and with his help, hope to duplicate the success of this program in other regions under the brand, Team Unbreakable. The CEO of CameronHelps also volunteers at the sessions, as one of the coaches. CameronHelps is holding its 3rd annual Father's Day Find A Way 5k run/walk to raise funds for the Credit Valley Hospital program. Please join us by going to our website and registering or contact us at info [at] cameronhelps [dot] ca