Collective Kitchen

The Collective kitchen at CMHA Champlain East’s Oasis Peer Resource Center is led by peer support workers and dietitians from the Eastern Ontario Health Unit. Members of this group get together and plan, budget, shop, cook and eat a meal; everyone contributes in all aspects of the process.

The collective kitchen is open to individuals who are 16 years of age or older, living with a severe mental illness or concurrent disorder (combination of mental illness and substance use disorder) and/or socially isolated. They must reside in the Champlain East region. When joining the program, consumers are required to pay $10.00 which includes the $5.00 registration and $5.00 to pay for groceries for the next cooking class. Following that, consumers pay $5.00 per kitchen, which solely goes towards the purchase of the groceries (soup, main meal, and desert). When available, dry supplies are provided by the Hawkesbury Food Bank. Consumers often sell soup or salad to others members/CMHA workers for $1.00.

Resources used by leaders include:

• Eat Healthy Within Budget binder/CD, (copy can be requested from the EOHU)
• Program objectives (guidelines) (attached below)
• Duties list (attached below)
• Different books/magazines of cooking for recipes

Literacy among program participants can be an issue; however, Peer Support Workers can assist consumers with the material (ex: reading recipe, filling out documents). Interim evaluations have been made over the years to evaluate the quality of our services. Consumers generally experience the following benefits: learning to budget and plan a meal, and socialize with peers.

For more information:

Oasis Center (during open hours – Tues-Fri 9:30 -4) 613-642-6463
Danika (613) 632-4924 (407)
Caroline (613) 632-4924 (408)

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