Community Kitchens

Community kitchens are places where people gather together to cook and share the food they’ve created. They may be developed to meet the needs of groups based on geographic location, age, mental health status, socioeconomic status and/or culture.

For community mental health groups, community kitchens can provide a great space for ongoing peer support. A wealth of resources exists to help you create, manage and sustain a community kitchen.

Community Kitchen Resources

Fresh Choice Kitchens

Fresh Choice Kitchens (formerly the Vancouver Community Kitchen Project) works to create opportunities for people to cook together, thereby building community strength through food. It creates and collects educational tools and shares them through workshops, in print and online. It supports individuals and community groups who want to run a kitchen.

See the Tools and Resources section of the Fresh Choice Kitchens website for information on community kitchens:

FoodShare Community Kitchens

FoodShare offers periodic training workshops on getting a community kitchen started (Cooking Out of a Box) or on specific related skill topics, such as cooking workshops or conflict resolution.

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