Making the Case for Physical Activity

Making the CaseThe PowerPoint file "Making the Case for Integrating Physical Activity Programming into Mental Health Services Settings" can be customized for your own presentations.

Topics covered include:

  • Target Populations
  • High-level Value of Physical Activity for People with Serious Mental Illness
  • Why Now?
  • Why Mental Health Services?
  • Presenting the Evidence: Data Collection Methods
  • Physical Health, Mental Health and Social Benefits of Physical Activity Programs
  • Current Landscape: Physical Activity Programming in Mental Health Services Settings
  • Systemic, Organizational and Participant Barriers to Implementation of Physical Activity Programs in SMI Populations
  • How to Overcome Obstacles and Build Capacity
  • Community Partnership Building and Inter-agency Collaboration
  • Tapping into Existing Resources
  • Peer Mentors and Leaders: A Win-Win Approach
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