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Overview of SustainabilityOverview of Sustainability

Health Communication Unit

Whether it is a program or a partnership, keeping it going will require some planning. The Health Communication Unit has some useful tools on how to develop a sustainability plan that will help ensure the continuation of your programs and partnerships.

This workbook is designed to:

  • increase understanding about the concept of sustainability;
  • provide suggestions and tools regarding approaches that will increase the likelihood of sustainability; and
  • provide examples of health promotion activities that have been sustained.

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University of Montreal Sustainability ToolkitSustainability Tool Kit

University of Montreal

This tool kit offers a simple and convenient analytic framework to help you evaluate, plan, and better understand the sustainability processes and sustainability levels of your programs and projects.

This tool kit is intended for many types of stakeholders in the field of public health: coordinators, evaluators, managers, managers of public health organizations, teachers, researchers, and decision makers.

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Heart Health Resource Centre Sustainability WorkbooksSustainability Guides and Workbooks

Heart Health Resource Centre

The Ontario Public Health Association's Heart Health Resource Centre provides several sustainability resources. The Policies in Action workbook, for example, contains copies of actual and sample policies from Ontario and beyond, including policies to encourage active living and healthy eating, that you can use to guide policy development in your community. Issues of the @ Heart newsletter focus on policy development and community success stories, including a special issue devoted to the Heart Health "Planning for Sustainability" Model which can easily be adapted to your own health promotion program.

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