Writing a Proposal

Many not-for-profit organizations rely on outside financial support to maintain, expand, or create programs and services. Often, proposals must be written to get this support from funders. Successful proposal writing is not complicated. However, it does take lots of preparation and good organizational skills.

The Health Communication Unit (THCU) offers a free online course, developed in partnership with the Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition, to help you plan and prepare a good proposal.

Strategies for Effective Proposal WritingStrategies for Effective Proposal Writing

The Health Communication Unit

This self-directed course is offered in two sessions. The first session provides a brief overview of the course material, and mainly focuses on specific questions and challenges identified by participants. The second session features one or more brief presentations by representatives of grant-making organizations who offer tips on preparing winning proposals and opportunities for questions and discussion.

There is a manual that accompanies the course to assist you through the suggested six-step proposal writing process outlined below:

  1. Develop your program plan
  2. Find and select a funding source
  3. Manage the proposal development process
  4. Develop your proposal
  5. Produce and package your proposal
  6. Submit proposal and follow-up

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